Please be kind and encouraging to others! We're all in this to help each other achieve our goal of 202.3 miles!

I strive to make this challenge the best it can be for you; please have patience though. Please know:
--- many parts of our challenge are done "by hand" and not automated, which makes things a little slower

--- I am an unpaid volunteer for our non-profit running club and my job doesn't allow me to access the race during the day, so I may be a little slower to respond than a dedicated race company putting on an event
--- there may be some errors and challenges that come up and I will do my best for you so that you have a quality event. :-)

This "global" event benefits the non-profit ORRRC, which puts on low/no-cost races in western Ohio to encourage fitness (and fun) in the local area and sustains several youth running/walking groups across the region! We couldn't do it without your support and we are ineffably grateful!


  • MILEAGE REQUIREMENTS: You will need to complete 202.3 miles, running or walking, by 31 March 2023. This averages out to 2.25 miles per day, but you can always do more or less each day as you need.

  • DATA ENTRY REQUIREMENT: You may enter your mileage daily or weekly, but must submit your mileage at least once per week.

  • SAG WAGON: There will be a virtual "Sag Wagon" in the race trackers. If you stay ahead of the Sag Wagon, you're on your way to finishing! Fall behind though, and you might not make the goal! #BeatTheSagWagon

  • RACE MILEAGE COUNTS: Mileage you accumulate in other races does count toward your total. These don't have to be dedicated miles for TwentyTwentyWHEE!

  • TREADMILL MILEAGE COUNTS: It's great to get outside, but it's not practical in all circumstances. Severe weather, cramming miles in late at night when the kids are supposed to be asleep -- things happen and we know it, so treadmill mileage does count!

Entering Data

  • DATA ENTRY WEBSITE: Race data may be entered via computer or mobile device at https://www.whee.run!

  • KNOWN APPLE/IPHONE DATA ERROR: You may encounter some issues with race data being double-entered. This primarily affects Apple/iPhone users with the Safari browser and is a problem with that browser's compatibility with Google Forms, so I cannot fix it myself. It occurs because Safari re-submits the data when it reloads the web-page upon opening the browser. There are two fixes: (a) close out your browser tab once you've entered the data, and (b) every few days I will do a data-cleanup too, so if you notice your data shows up twice, I will do my best to clean it up every few days to give you a true accounting of your mileage. :-)

  • WHERE CAN I CHECK MY DATA? You can check your data by visiting the Standings page and clicking "Check My Data". Data is listed in reverse alphabetical order (this is a sorting issue with the tools I use - I apologize!).

  • WHAT IF I MAKE AN ERROR: If you make an error in data entry, you can do one of two things.

    • 1 - You can adjust the next day's data to compensate. So if you accidentally enter 4 miles for today when you really only did 3, then tomorrow when you run 6 miles you can simply enter 5 (one lower than reality) to compensate.

    • 2 - You can e-mail me and ask me to adjust your data for you. The system gets a little finicky when I manually adjust data sometimes though so this is the less preferred method. :-)