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WHEE did it!!

Congrats to everyone who completed our #TwentyTwentyWHEE challenge this year! You did amazing work! Together WHEE completed 24,710 miles together!! 🎉  I'm grateful for everyone who contributed, cheered others on, and has sent kind messages! I can't wait to see you again as we SOAR into 2024! 🦅


Please be kind and encouraging to others! We're all in this to help each other achieve our goal of 202.3 miles!

I strive to make this challenge the best it can be for you; please have patience though. Please know:
--- many parts of our challenge are done "by hand" and not automated, which makes things a little slower
--- I am an unpaid volunteer for our non-profit running club and my job doesn't allow me to access the race during the day, so I may be a little slower to respond than a dedicated race company putting on an event
--- there may be some errors and challenges that come up and I will do my best for you so that you have a quality event. :-)

This "global" event benefits the non-profit ORRRC, which puts on low/no-cost races in western Ohio to encourage fitness (and fun) in the local area and sustains several youth running/walking groups across the region! We couldn't do it without your support and we are ineffably grateful!

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Community & Fun

Encourage your friends!  Cheer on others!  Motivate your friends & make new friends through the winter!  Post your photos!

The mileage tracking coloring page is back this year! I made it by hand, so it might not be 100% perfect (I lose track counting all the pieces and I re-checked three times and think I have it right)! Click on the image on the left to download the image and print it! :-)